Why an Orthopedic Dog Bed Is So Great!

Dogs have so much in common with Humans! Even down to Arthritis.

My Mom adopted Betsy when she was 6. We had just lost Niki, our Queensland Heeler mix, and she wanted another dog immediately to keep she and her other dog, Maxferd, from depression. Maxferd, our Border Collie mix, adored Niki and we all were devastated.

It was too soon for me to think about adopting another dog but my mom knew what she was doing! I was in tears the day after we brought Betsy home because I missed Niki so much. My mom looked at me and said, “We’re not replacing Niki, we’re saving Betsy!” I ended up falling in love with Miss Betsy, our Butterscotch Dancing Bear.

Betsy Had Arthritis

Sadly, whomever Betsy’s previous owners were, they didn’t provide her with healthy nutrition or care. When we got her, her fur wasn’t growing correctly and she had bald-like patches on her back and arthritis.

She was only 6 and could still jump but it was obvious she’d been through the wars. Her teeth were gnawed down to the base but OMG, she was adorable!!!

I was around 49 years old when we got her and Betsy became my love bug. I loved hiking with her and we got her on a very nutritious diet immediately and she started getting acupuncture to help with her arthritic pain.

When I tell you she was adorable, that word doesn’t even describe our Betsy, Butterscotch Dancing Bear – she looked like a Sun Bear!

Why an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Well, if we need one for our backs, why wouldn’t our beloved dogs not need one? It makes perfect sense! Osteoarthritis affects one in five dogs in the U.S. It can be caused by fractures, dietary deficiencies – Betsy had oodles of those – and inflammation.

If comfortable orthopedic foam beds are available for Humans, why wouldn’t we choose one for our furry four-legged loves? They truly do help dogs who have arthritis. They certainly helped Miss Betsy, or as I like to refer to her, Betzel Pretzel.

Memory Foam Dog Beds Provide Support

Memory foam technology has saved me in my own sleep, and it brought Betsy so much relief! It’s ideal for dogs with arthritic conditions because it molds to your dog’s shape, providing a supportive surface to sleep on – when not in bed with you:)

It’s the exact same technology used in People Foam Beds, making it the perfect choice for older dogs with joint problems. Their weight is evenly distributed across the entire bed, thus relieving the pressure on their joints and it “remembers” your dog’s shape, making it even that more comfy.

The Ease In Getting Into An Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is so important for the happiness of our dogs. Regular dog beds are difficult for an arthritic dog to get in and out of and they may choose to “curl up” as a way to protect their joints because a regular dog bed isn’t doing the job.

Dogs aren’t Yogis, contrary to “Downward Facing Dog.” As they get older and if they suffer from arthritis, curling up isn’t the best option for them. An orthopedic foam bed allows them a wider, longer space in which to stretch out.

Even if there are walls on either side of their bed, there is still enough room for your pooch to move around and find a position that is more comfortable with their condition.

They Regulate Temperature

Orthopedic memory foam can actually regulate temperature which enables your arthritic dog to stay warm.¬†Isn’t that awesome!!!

Research on Arthritis shows that heat treatment helps decrease joint pain associated with Arthritis and the memory foam can actually retain heat by molding its shape to that of your pooch’s body.

The heat allows our dog’s muscles to relax and relieves the inflammation associated with Arthritis. There are also heated beds available for extra warmth. Pretty amazing technology!!

Easy To Clean

Memory foam beds are built with a liner which can be easily removed and washed. You don’t want to actually wash an orthopedic bed which makes these liners so nifty. The liner protects the bed from dirt your pooch tracks in, making it far easier to clean than regular dog beds. It also protects the bed from toxic chemicals from any cleaning products you may be using.

On that note, please use cleaning products that are NOT toxic to pets. If its toxic to them what is it doing to us?

Where is Betsy Now?

I came to be Betsy’s “Sister-Mommy” after my mom passed away in 2012. Before she passed, I told her I would take Betsy and Diva (Mom saved Diva after our precious Maxferd passed away) to live with me in Los Angeles.

Aside from buying Orthopedic dog beds for Betsy and Diva, I even bought an Orthopedic outer shell for my own bed so that Betsy could have this support when she wanted to snuggle with me.

She really was the cutest and I loved waking up in the morning to find her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she had no teeth to hold it in – one of the most adorable sights ever! Seeing her sprawled on her memory foam made me realize how happy she was to be living with Diva and I, much as we missed our Mom.

Along with a great Orthopedic dog bed, I also was giving Betsy acupuncture, water therapy and glucosomine shots to help her with her arthritis. She made it to 12 years and we were in Bliss together with her house-sister, Diva.

Betsy, you are forever my Beautiful Butterscotch Dancing Bear – My Baby Love!!

Such A Good Investment

Investing in an Orthopedic bed can ease your pooch’s suffering in a myriad of ways. Such a bed also can prevent other age-related problems from happening.

Keeping your dog comfortable is also likely to save in costly medical bills for the complications related to arthritis or other joint problems.

What more can I say than I love Orthopedic beds for our furry family members!! I hope yours enjoys them as much as mine:)