Top Dog Beds of 2020

Top Dog Beds of the 2020 Bunch

What makes me an expert on dog beds? Nothing except being a life-long dog lover . For me, dogs are the most treasured family members and I deeply care about the quality of their lives.

I found an amazing article by New York Magazine and culled the best beds I felt would help you and your beautiful bestie. After spending 20 years in NYC, I love New York Magazine! I’m an honest gal. Each of these beds I am linking to Amazon is where they can be purchased and being that I’m an Amazon Associate, I would earn a small commission. But don’t let these links stop you. You can find these beds on other sites and please do feel free to search for the best price you can find!

I’ve only had medium to large dogs in my life, but I’ve chosen a few beds for our tinier furry friends as well. To find the best bed for your dog, it’s wise to consider your dog’s age, weight, physical limitations, if they love to chew, if they’re tinklers, if they like to track that freshly dug dirt into their bed – each of these wonderful creatures has their own special needs, just like we do – I’m not saying I’m digging freshly dug dirt and bringing it into my bed:) Did you know dogs can sleep up to 80 percent of the day? That’s a lot of time so a cozy bed is everything for our canine companions. So, let’s get to it!!

Best Overall Dog Bed

Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed

When I hear the word “Casper” I only think of Casper the Ghost. I had no clue that Casper was a company that makes some of the most popular beds for Humans. Well, if a Casper is good enough for humans, you better believe it’s good enough for our dogs. I’ve never owned one of these but there are many reviews about it being a “human-grade” mattress made of memory-foam (that I sleep on as well) and that they’re durable and easy to clean.  The cover is machine-washable and – get this – the zippers are hidden so your mischievious pooch can’t chew them. The thing that is super important to me, as my Diva is 11 and Fluke is 8 and heading into knee surgery next week, is that it’s a great orthopedic bed. So necessary with our aging furry kids.

– Pressure relieving memory foam with durable support foam that’s so great for our pooch’s back

– Extra material on top for dogs that dig and scratch like in the wild to make their ideal snoozing spot

– Supportive foam bolsters on the mattress where our furry kids can rest their heads

– Microfiber blended material that is durable and rip-resistant

– Removable and machine washable cover


Top memory-foam dog bed for large dogs

Big Barker 7-inch Pillowtop Orthopedic Dog Bed

I love the name of this bed as I’ve got 2 large dogs who are big barkers exactly when I need them to. This memory-foam bed is just what your large dog would appreciate. It’s especially designed for extra-large and older big dogs with joint issues. Big Barker guarantees this bed will hold its shape for 10 years. That’s a lot of comfy snoozing for your Big Beauty. Another plus is that the cover is machine-washable. So important, especially as our dogs age and may at times have some “accidents.”

– Available in Large, XL, Giant XXL dog bed sizes. Too big for small dogs.

– 10 Year Warranty: Foam will hold 90% of its original shape for10 years or your money back.

– Won’t Flatten: American made therapeutic foam is the best quality you can find in orthopedic dog beds. Won’t flatten or pancake over time.

–  Made in the USA: Handmade by craftsmen and craftswomen in a small Pennsylvania workshop that’s been making high end furniture & bedding for over 50 years.

– Easy To Clean: machine washable. 100% Microfiber cover. So soft to the touch


Top inexpensive memory-foam dog bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam

Times are tough for all these days. Covid-19 put us all in a tail spin. Finances are tight. If the Big Barker is too much to bite off cost-wise, this upscale bed will do it for your fabulous friend and you. It’s made of three-sided memory-foam. According to one reviewer, a veterinarian no less, the foam held it’s shape for years. Replacement covers are available to buy if you are so in need – that’s a big bonus.

– Solid 4 inch Memory Foam base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health, mobility, & energy

– Calming bed for dogs who suffer from anxiety

– Water & tear resistant cover, Non-skid bottom

– Replacement covers available separately

– Certi-PUR-US Memory foam. NO mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, & ozone depleters. Passes stricter European safety standards.

– Ideal For Medium / Large or Multiple Smaller Dogs: (i) 36 x 28 x 9 inches. Can easily hold 100+ pounds

– Bolsters’ pre-loaded into cover, simply insert memory foam base & zip closed

– Easy To Clean, removable cover is machine washable. Easy to spot clean & remove hair

– For Dogs of All Life Stages

– Included Components: Memory Foam Mattress, Waterproof Foam Liner, Removable & Washable Cover, Polyfilled Bolster Cushion

Top cost-effective couch-style dog bed

La-Z-Boy Tucker Sofa Dog Bed

I was surprised to hear that most healthy dogs enjoy sleeping on the floor. Personally, I find that hard to believe. In my home, there are dog beds in every room, not to mention the human beds in the bedrooms and my dogs rarely choose to lie on the floor – usually only when it’s boiling hot here in LA.

For dogs with joint issues, the floor is not good for them, regardless of their size. An orthopedic bed is so helpful for dogs with joint pain and this L-Z Boy Tucker sofa-style is just what your dog needs. It’s soft on pressure points but it supports the joints as well. Another huge plus point is that it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

– Gusseted base filled with with Comfort Signature Blend foam – the optimal blend for premium comfort

– Exclusive Fabric. All La-Z-Boy pet beds feature furniture grade upholstery fabric, designed to fit your decor style

– Double-wall accent piping and durable furniture grade woven fabric bottom

Top dog bed for our thinner breeds

Pendleton Pet Classics Kuddler

If you own a whippet or an Italian Greyhound, this bed is for your furry one. It’s soft, made of high-loft memory fiber and has four cushy sides so during this colder months, your pooch won’t be struggling with shivers. A big plus for your thinner breeds, being that most of them are natural athletes, is that this Kuddler bed offers cushioning for elbow and hip pressure points – vulnerable areas for skinnier breeds.

–  55% Polyester and 45% Acrylic inner bolster and sleep top

– 100% polyester faux suede outer bolster

Best cave-style dog bed for burrowers

Furhaven Therapeutic Burrow Blanket Pet Bed

This cave-style bed from Furhaven comes with a snuggly built-in cover that is essentially a blanket attached to the top of the bed that a dog can slide under to snuggle in. It’s a perfect bed for dogs that love to burrow under the covers and get super comfy before they sleep. The Furhaven for toy breeds, like Chihuahuas, love these covered beds because they can provide the security and warmth these petite canines crave.

– PERFECT FOR CUDDLING: The Furhaven Snuggery Pet Dog Bed features a malleable hood blanket that can be used as is or configured into a cozy cave-like burrowing tent. It’s perfect for pets that love to curl up under the warm weight of a blanket!

– SLEEP SURFACE: Luxurious micro velvet fabric covers the interior and exterior of the dog bed. The material is soft and gentle on noses and paws, providing silken comfort and out-of-this-world snuggles to snoozing pets.

– EASY ON JOINTS: Gel-infused memory foam conforms to your pet’s figure to deliver better orthopedic support

– AVAILABLE VARIATIONS: The pet bed comes in different colors: Espresso, Sage, Navy, and Silver. It’s also available in the following sizes: 18″ Base (18″ x 18″ x 3″), 26″ Base (26″ x 26″ x 3″), 35″ Base (35″ x 35″ x 3″), and 44″ Base (44″ x 44″ x 3″).

– EASY TO CLEAN: Furhaven knows that pets can present some intteresting cleaning challenges – the dog bed cover is completely machine washable!

–  NOT SUITABLE for pets with excessive teething behavior!

Top cooling cot-style dog bed

K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant Raised Dog Bed- Ballistic Fabric

I live in LA and the Summers are getting hotter and hotter. I wonder when I see so many Huskies in LA if they are feeling OK. Such beautiful beasts of the canine world but they were bred for the cold. I digress, but what can you say, I care.

If you have a dog like a Husky or a Bernese Mountain Dog, they are wanting a cool place to rest their magnificent selves –  Truly Majestic Dogs.

This bed is great for such breeds because it needs to be durable and easy to clean. Because the bed is “cot-style” and not foam-core, it can be rinsed off with a hose. If your dog needs more body support, you can always put in your own padding with easy to wash blankets.

– Chew Proof Dog Bed: Not just chew resistant, this dog bed is an indestructible dog bed.

– This elevated dog bed resists all destructive habits due in part to the full aluminum dog bed design, and also to the ripstop ballistic fabric used for the bed.

– Backed it with a 180 Day Chew Proof Warranty

– Crate Dog Bed: Designed to fit in all standard size dog crates

– 120 Day Chew Proof Armored Warranty – If your dog chews through or damages any part of their bed within 120 days of receiving it, the Company will replace the damaged component(s) once free of charge.

Best cooling mat-style bed

The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Pet Pad

For hot summer days or for dogs that have double coats and overheat easily, gel mats are a great option. This gel mat provides more cushioning than hardwood floors or tile, but it can also be put on top of another bed for added support.

– THE ORIGINAL SELF COOLING GEL PAD FOR DOGS – The Green Pet Shop pressure-activated cooling pet mat provides chilled relief for your dogs and cats. It’s the perfect solution if your pet struggles to stay cool and comfortable in the summer weather

– IT’S AUTOMATIC – No effort from you is required. This self cooling pet pad works without water, electricity or refrigeration. The patented gel formula automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use. This is a must-have item if your home doesn’t have air conditioning

– PERFECT FOR HOT SUMMER DAYS – Lay the dog cooling pad where your furry friend likes to relax. Once they lay on the pad, it goes to work immediately. Ideal for senior animals or pets with medical conditions.

– MULTI-USE AND PORTABLE – Use it on the floor, sofa, or place it in your pet’s crate, bed or kennel. The cooling pads are lightweight and folds effortlessly, ideal for travel. Clean with a damp cloth as needed.

– FOR MEDIUM TO MEDIUM LARGE SIZED DOGS – This pet cooling gel mat measures 30 x 20 inches, for M/L dogs weighing between 35 – 65 lb. Other sizes are available. Do not leave in direct sunlight as this will affect the performance of the cool pad

Best dog bed that’s also a carrier

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

For a travel friendly dog bed, this dome shaped carrier-bed hybrid fits the bill. It’s a great choice for small breeds and pet owners who take their dogs everywhere with them.

Though the price is higher than a lot of the other beds for small dogs, the Sleepypod is a great multi-purpose, cozy bed choice for people who want an all-in-one bed, pet carrier and car seat. The Sleepypod has been crash tested and has also been recommend as one of the best car seats for small and medium sized dogs on the market.

– Mobile pet bed, carrier, and car seat lets you travel anywhere with your pet

– Made from luggage-grade nylon outside and ultra-plush polyester inside

– Contoured to fit pets up to 15 pounds

– No assembly required

– Includes padded shoulder strap, mesh dome top with carrying handle, washable bedding, water-resistant foam liner, and instruction card

The Upshot

There are so many cool and cozy dog beds out there and I hope this post helps you decide what’s best for your beloved furry family member. Like I’ve said, nothing I love more in life than Dogs! Here’s to many a delicious night of snoozing and dreaming!