Raised Dog Beds Rock!

Raised Dog Beds – Why So Great

In my 50-plus trips around the sun, never has anyone in my family owned an elevated dog bed. You know that saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”  I never completely understood the meaning of that until now.

If you say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, you mean that it is often difficult to get people to try new ways of doing things, especially if they have been doing something in a particular way for a long time. … An old dog can learn new tricks if he has both the will and the opportunity. Yes!

So, time for this gal to learn why an elevated dog bed – especially a Kuranda – is a wonderful option.

Why a Kuranda?

I’ve never heard of the brand Kuranda until Google paved the way. Their story is one I found quite interesting. It all began in Australia, in the town of Kuranda. This is where the company originated before it was purchased by Michael Harding in 1987. At the time, the business was made up of 2 products; a circular, trampoline-style dog bed and water removal systems for athletic fields – Say What?

Kuranda USA has been around since 1987. It is a small manufacturing company based in Glen Burnie, Maryland which is about 15 minutes South of Baltimore.

After purchase, Mike’s best friend, Paul Connolly, joined the business. Producing the water removal pumps and equipment started in Mike’s basement in Annapolis, MD. They stopped manufacturing the circular beds in 1995 and that’s when they designed their first rectangular dog bed (the RDB) which was immediately a sensation. Now they are a company of about 30 people who are involved with production, customer service and business development including Mike’s son, Colin and Paul’s daughter Beth. For this specific bed, I will post the Amazon link, but please, if you want to purchase it through Kuranda, please do so! Amazon

What Kuranda USA Believes

They believe that every pooch deserves a comfy and cozy place to sleep and relax. According to the Company, dogs love their elevated design because it provides joint relief which keeps them feeling happy and healthy. The Company stands behind their product with absolute integrity and that I truly appreciate. They say that dogs with allergies love that there is no stuffing that traps dirt and allergens.

The beautiful thing about this company is….Drum roll…..Dogs in shelters who are awaiting their forever homes love that they have a Donate a Bed Program which allows anyone to donate a Kuranda Bed to an animal shelter or rescue. Gotta tell you, this fact alone makes me well up.

Why an elevated bed?

A raised bed provides firm, even support. It’s as if you’re comparing sleeping on a mattress and sleeping on a bean-bag chair.

I don’t know about you, but my back cannot take sleeping in a bean-bag chair. These raised Kurandas are orthopedic beds meant for every dog, not just dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems. Lying on the floor can put pressure on our dog’s hips, shoulders, and elbows, and a typical puffy bed does not do much to reduce that pressure. If you’re interested in purchasing this bed via Amazon, click here.

An elevated bed is portable

Fluffy beds can be bulky and heavy, which is no good for someone like me who has a history of back injury. As I’ve said, I’ve not owned a Kuranda but according to the Company, their beds are lightweight and very easy to move from room to room –  even easy to move outside! Amen to that!! They also can fit in the car so our pooches can have a familiar, safe place to snooze when traveling.

No stuffing to chew up

How many of you have come home to find your family room covered in stuffing? And most importantly, that stuffing is enticing to our canines but can lead them to a terrible trip to the ER. Foam and stuffing can be dangerous if you have a chewer. Elevated dog beds have no stuffing at all. Sigh of relief there!

Easy to Clean

Don’t know about you, but I missed the cleaning gene. I hate cleaning!!!! Kuranda Beds are very easy to clean! You can leave the bed assembled and either spot clean with warm, soapy water and a sponge or for a dirtier bed, leave the bed assembled and hose it off.

Chew Proof Warranty

Kuranda guarantees the structural integrity of each of their dog bed frames as well as the cordura, ballistic and heavy duty vinyl fabrics for a period of one year from the original date of purchase of the bed. How awesome is that?!!

If your dog is able to damage any part of frame or fabric beyond usability, they will send out replacement parts for free.

Cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty. Vinyl weave, deluxe fleece pads, reversible fleece pads, canvas bad pads, bolster items and slip covers are not covered under any chew proof guarantee.

Warranty claims are limited to one free replacement per part per bed.

The Upshot with an Elevated Bed?

Sounds awesome is all I can say. The next time I’m ready to purchase a pair of beds – I grew up in a family who always had at least 2 dogs and I’ve maintained that tradition – I’m going for a Kuranda Elevated Bed. Good on this Company!!!

If you’d like to purchase a raised Kuranda, you can go directly to their website, https://kuranda.com where I am not an Affiliate Marketer or through Amazon. To order through Amazon, you may click here.

What are affiliate links?

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I sincerely hope this post has helped you in finding the perfect bed for your beloved pooch!!!