Coziest Dog Beds – Your Pooch Will Tell You


Dogs Make Their Own Beds

Have you noticed before your beloved pooch settles down, they are pawing and pawing on their bed?

Or have you seen them do the full three circle turn?

It’s all in Nature! They’re doing exactly what they were born to do and, yes, they look so gosh darn cute when the do these behaviors. I simply adore them! I’ve wondered if they’re actually counting those turns but this is what’s really going on.

Modern dogs are believed to be 99% identicial genetically to their common ancestor, the wild wolf. By the way, have you had the honor of meeting one of those hybrid dog-wolf’s? They are absolutely magnificent in size and incredibly loving and gentle.

Back To The Wild 

And back to the three circle move. Their wolf ancestors traveled in packs for a multitude of reasons, mainly to hunt animals bigger than any single wolf could kill on their own.

When pack animals lie down to sleep, they instinctively form a small circle to get heat from their pack. Think about it – this three circle move has been practiced by their wolf ancestors for thousands of years and it’s now part of their DNA, so to speak.

Back to that pawing they do before letting their bodies settle in. In the Wild there are all kinds of creatures they need to protect themselves from. They will trample the ground with their paws to make the ground soft enough to sleep in without the dangers of snakes, bugs, rocks, et al. They’re very smart cookies!

Not only when it’s cold do they sleep in a circle close enough to create warmth but they also leave enough room to mark their territory. When it’s warm outside, they’ll dig to clear the area that exposes a cooler layer of earth beneath. Don’t forget they descend from Wolves who do the exact same behaviors!

This instinct has carried over to our domesticated friends – they’re just doing what comes naturally. One of my dogs is an 11 year old German Shepherd-Rottweiller mix. She is a Digger with a capital D. And her name is Diva! Now I know what all that dig-a-do is about and I let her do it freely – unless she’s near a sprinkler line. Diva even looks a bit like her wolf ancestors. Oh boy, do I love that Diva – she looks like a character out of Narnia with her broad beautiful black and tan head and those expressive ScoobyDoo like ears.

Dogs Really Are Like 4 Year Old Kids

I’m in Los Angeles and it’s raining cats and dogs outside – a Los Angeles rarity. My furry kids are bored! Like a child on a rainy day, they want to be entertained.

I just got up to get something to drink and Fluke, my younger dog, is nudging me with his nose becasue he wants to Play! This guy is a Runner and this rain is NOT making him a happy camper.

I just looked over and as I have dog beds in every room to keep them comfortable, the look on his face speaks volumes. He’s not digging being inside when he’d rather be chasing squirrels and balls – and the mailman when he comes – we have a fence so the mailman is not in jeopardy. After all that chasing, my baby boy is tuckered out.

As we love our kids – I don’t have human ones, only canines – they want “their own space” to sprawl those tugged out tired limbs. Did you know they sleep about 12 hours a day? That’s a lot of zzzzz’s.

Dog Dreams

Fluke is an English Pointer/Dalmation mix. He’s like a Professional Athlete. At night, when watching TV, I can catch him grunting and huffing as his legs are flailing out as if he’s running and running. I know what’s going on in is mind. He wants to chase more balls!!!

Sometimes I will find him in a nightmare and he starts crying, at which point I have to wake him up to let him know it’s safe, he’s home in his own bed and surrounded only by love.

They need exactly what a child needs. To be allowed to Dream and to be calmed when having a nightmare. They really are like us in a magnitude of ways which is why that bond is like none other. Dogs are the best people I know. Here’s Fluke in Action!

Giving Your Canine Pal Sweet Dreams

There are times that I want nothing more than to have both my dogs in bed with me. But I’ve learned sometimes they simply want their own space to snuggle into and doze into doggie Wonderland.

While Diva loves being snuggled, she can only take so much and will get off of my bed to lay on hers. Sometimes it hurts my feelings but I know she’s saying, “Mom, I’m still a dog and I’ve gotta finish that dream.” I swear she does. After a restful night’s sleep, Diva is back to her favorite thing in the world – TUGGING!!!

Fluke, my 7 year old English Pointer mix, has a vivid imagination. His body language tells me so when in deep sleep. I know he’s having a good dream when I look at him sprawled across his bed and he literally has a restful smile on. It’s beautiful Slumberland for my precious boy.

My Duty Is To Give Them Comfort

Just as a good parent turns themselves inside out to give their children all the love they deserve in order to grow into happy and caring adults, it’s the same with our devoted canines.

They do all they can to protect, entertain and love us – it’s only fitting we do all we can to give them the best of ourselves. With that comes ensuring they sleep restfully and peacefully so they’re ready to wake up the next day and wag those tails, tug on that toy (Diva’s the tugger) and run endlessly for those squeaky balls.

What can I say? I love them more than anything in the world and I only want them comfy, happy and to live out their years knowing how treasured they are. A cozy dog bed is simply part of what lets them know how valuable a family member they are.